Did you schedule a home inspection for your new home in Citrus Park yet? Well you should because it is a crucial part of the home-buying or home-selling process. Buying or selling your home in Citrus Park without a home inspection is one of the most common mistakes people make, anywhere!

Your real estate agent will recommend that you include a home inspection when you make an offer on a house or when you want to sell the house, whether you are in Citrus Park or anywhere else. That means you’ll have to pay for the inspection, so pay attention at what you’re getting for your money. Our team of qualified and experienced home inspectors will provide you with the best service! With decades of experience on our team, we will inspect your property from the foundation to the roof, including electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.

There are many different types of home inspections, but the most important is a general inspection. We will examine the structure, exterior, roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, interior, insulation and ventilation. Once we finish the inspection, we will provide you a detailed and easy to read report suggesting any improvements or repairs necessary to meet current standards. Home inspections may often detect problems with a home that could be expensive to fix. If you are a buyer, this could be important when negotiating the price. If you are a seller, our thorough home inspection will help you in setting a price and fix any issues with the home before you put it on the market.

Our qualified home inspectors will examine a property’s visible and accessible areas to detect any health and safety problems, condition of the property and any issues that need further attention.

Keep in mind that no home is perfect, not even brand new homes. So, we will make sure that you don’t get surprised by any unexpected costs.

Our home inspection professionals will provide you with the best service! Contact our team of licensed and certified professionals. Our office is regularly open for business every Monday through Friday from 8am until 6pm. On Saturdays, we open at 10am and close at 4pm. Schedule a home inspection within 72 hours by going online or by calling us directly at 813-839-8416.