In a perfect world, sellers would reveal every little problem with their home because honesty is always the best policy. In the real world, however, this does not always happen. Sellers do sign an agreement that legally binds them to disclose any known issues with the home, but this does not always mean they will follow through. This is a huge part of why a Tampa home inspection is so important. What you may see as a nice upgrade may in fact be hiding previous damage. Investing in a Tampa home inspection can prevent you from being tricked by these common hidden problems.

Leaks may not seem like a big deal, but if not repaired properly, can cause extensive water damage. A seller may throw a temporary fix to fool buyers, but a thorough Tampa home inspection will point out any major leaks. You should also be wary of water damage; if there is fresh paint on the walls, the seller may be trying to hide discoloration from years of water stains.

A standard home inspection does not cover pests, so this could be an issue the seller tries to brush under the rug. Consider hiring an inspector that specializes in pest damage to check the home. The pest problems may have been treated, but if they left behind significant damage, this could be costly.

If the seller has rowdy, late-night neighbors, they may try to keep you from visiting the home during off hours. We always recommend visiting the home at night and on the weekends so you can see the difference. This is one thing you simply cannot change about a home.

Aging Systems
If a home has a new HVAC system or brand new stainless-steel appliances, sellers are going to tout this in every possible listing. If, however, these features are aged or outdated, you will likely not be made aware. Ask your home inspector if the age means they will need replacing in the near future and see if the current homeowner still has manuals.

It’s no secret that homes come with their fair share of problems, but this is why a home inspection is so important. Not all buyers are going to be an open book and reveal the secrets of their house, so it’s up to you and your inspector to weed out any dangerous or costly issues. Hire a home inspector to keep yourself from getting duped on your next home purchase.