If you’ve recently bought a home, you may now be in the process of searching for the right home insurance. Home insurance is so important to protect your family, your home, and its assets. For natural disasters, flooding, and sometimes even theft, home insurance can be a life saver. You may now be realizing, however, that for some home insurance policies, especially in Florida, you may need specific Tampa home inspections to be covered. We are going to cover what you might need for insurance purposes so you can save time and money when you’re ready to get covered.

As a rule of thumb, consult any potential insurance companies before scheduling additional Tampa home inspections. Depending on the level of coverage or area you are located in, you may not need additional inspections, or only specific Tampa home inspections. Once you figure out which inspections are needed, be sure to follow their specifications completely; any missed steps can result in loss or refusal of coverage, which is not ideal. If your insurer claims you will receive a discount with inspections, you can ask to see the savings you will receive before agreeing. If you’re required to inspect regularly, or the inspection is costly, this may not necessarily be cost effective for you and your family.

In Florida, you may have heard of the wind mitigation inspection. Florida was one of the earliest states to approve discounts if your home has a wind mitigation inspection. Considering all the hurricanes Florida homes are exposed to, this is likely a worthwhile inspection for your home owner’s insurance. You may also be asked to certify your roof, but this should be covered under your standard home inspection done with purchase. If not, consult your local home inspection company to schedule a roof inspection to ensure your roof is up to snuff for insurance purposes.

It may seem like extra home inspections can be a costly expense that just isn’t worth it, but here at Radiant Property Inspection, we believe every inspection is for the good of your home and family. If you’re shopping for home insurance, see which inspections are required and make your appointment with our trained staff today.