Homeowners often forget about the builder warranty which accompanies most new construction homes. It typically expires one year from the date of closing and usually covers the materials and workmanship of your home. Stellar home inspection resources for homeowners tell you to make a special note of this expiration date. We further suggest you call us one month prior for a full property inspection.

You see, normal day-to-day living has a way of unearthing building defects. Flaws that weren’t noticeable at the time of closing can suddenly become apparent after a few days, weeks or even months down the road. Make sure the builder rightfully covers any and all expenses associated with repairing these flaws by finding and reporting them before the builder’s warranty expires. Otherwise, you’ll likely be forced to pay out of pocket for any repairs, regardless of who’s at fault. Certain honorable homebuilders may choose to pay the cost of repair, but don’t count on this happening. It’s at their discretion.

Some inspection resources for homeowners may suggest that you try to identify defects on your own. While you may be able to detect certain flaws on your own, others take the eye and experience of a home inspection specialist to recognize. A qualified home inspector sees all homebuilder flaws, large and small.

Remember, even if your new home was inspected upon completion and deemed to be in perfect condition, a lot can go wrong in the 12 months that follow. Building materials expand and contract with changing temperatures – a common obstacle for most areas in the world to overcome.

Don’t be fooled into thinking an excellent homebuilder isn’t capable of making mistakes. They happen to all of us. Some of the most commonly reported construction defects are façade leaks, window leaks, wood floor issues, problems with ventilation and exhaust, fire-stopping deficiencies and inferior material substitutions.

Between the benefits listed in most home inspection resources for homeowners and the ones we’ve covered here, you should be convinced that a builder’s warranty inspection is of the utmost importance! When your homebuilder’s warranty is getting ready to expire, call 813-839-8416 to schedule a property inspection.