4-Point and Wind Mitigation Tampa Inspection

You must need wind mitigation from Tampa experts, If you own a home that just turned 25 years old, it’s highly likely your insurance company will require a 4-point inspection come renewal time. Some insurance companies are even requiring a 4-point inspection on homes 19 years old or newer! This type of limited wind mitigation Tampa inspection is one way to provide your insurance company with a better understanding of your property’s condition as it pertains to these four areas: the roof, electrical wiring, plumbing components and HVAC system.

Wind mitigation Tampa Similar to a full home inspection, each of these four areas is examined. Any conditions that may hinder the renewal of your homeowner’s policy will be identified and possible solutions noted. Among other factors, your 4-point inspector will review the major components of your HVAC, roof, electrical and plumbing. Your report will include the estimated age, how much life is left as well as the overall condition for all four home components. Photos showing the condition of each system may be included as well as images of the property’s exterior and interior.

Most insurance companies tend to view older homes as a liability simply because they are more likely to have problems and require updates. A 4-point inspection proves to your insurance company that it is not. Additionally, building codes have changed over the years as we become increasingly aware of better building materials. Improper installation of any major home component can not only cause a failure to work but also water or fire damage when it pertains to electrical wiring, plumbing or roofing problems.

If you think a 4-point inspection is the same as a wind mitigation, you would be wrong. A wind mitigation is a type of assessment commonly used to gain insurance discounts off your windstorm coverage. During this inspection, your home inspector is looking for key building features with the ability to decrease home damage caused during a hurricane or strong windstorm. Each feature falls into one of the following categories: type of construction, the shape of your roof and the elevation of your home as well as the actual year your home was built.

When you live in Florida long enough, you come to understand what most Floridians already know – wind mitigation is a necessity and without it, you are probably overpaying for homeowner’s insurance. Keep in mind that the insurance rules have changed in recent years. These days, more visual proof is required for an acceptable wind mitigation. Choosing a certified home inspector ensures you’re getting the information your insurance company demands.

Before and after any type of home inspection, it helps to remind yourself that no home is perfect and there are solutions available to handle almost any problem you face. You just need to decide if it’s worth your time, money and effort!

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