If you’re buying or already own a home in Florida, checking for flood and water damage after a major event is important. If the home has water damage, a Tampa home inspection can reveal structural harm or other major problems that must be repaired. If you think the home you’re buying has water damage, ask if a Tampa home inspection will do a water and mold inspection; you need a trained inspector to check all areas of the home that may have seen prolonged exposure to water.

If your home is undergoing a water damage inspection, your Tampa home inspection is going to look at both the exterior and interior of the home. The exterior portion of the inspection is looking for ways that could have caused the water damage: whether or not the roof is compromised, if the chimney functional, cracks in the walls, or, in serious cases, foundation damage. If the home has foundation damage, this may mean that rain and other water is seeping up from the ground into the home. If your home has any of these problems, the home inspector will notate them on their report so they can be repaired to prevent future water damage on the home.

The internal inspection is going to check any areas of the home that have or could have been damaged by water. The ceiling is the most common place to start, as much of water damage comes from a leaking roof; they will also inspect your attic to see if the water damage from a leaky roof has compromised the structure. An inspection will also check for wet drywall and insulation, signs that your home could be at risk for mold, which can be costly to get rid of. The other major area for inspection after a home has water damage is the flooring; it is almost unavoidable that your floors will sustain some type of damage if there is flooding, so an inspection will determine the severity of the damage, including to that of any subfloors.

Water damage to a new home, or even one you currently own, can be scary and expensive depending on the severity. If your home has ever had flooding or major leaks, we always recommend a thorough water damage inspection to make sure the structure of your home is secure and does not need any repairs.