There was a time when the word asbestos caused panic among home buyers. Popular in products manufactured from the 1940s-1970s, asbestos was in everything from glue and paint to ceiling tiles used in home construction. If you are having a Tampa home inspection on a newer home, you have little fear of asbestos, but for those buying homes built in the peak asbestos time frame, you need to consider an asbestos inspection. A standard Tampa home inspection does not cover asbestos, so you will need to hire a verified asbestos inspector to check the home.

Asbestos has a great deal of health risks that were relatively unknown when it was commonly used in home construction. This is especially important when renovating a home with asbestos, as it has tiny fibers that can cause severe lung damage if inhaled. Serious cases can lead to lung cancer or mesothelioma. While so many home buyers skip testing for asbestos, a Tampa home inspection should be done to check for this if your home is more than thirty years old. The inspector will run tests and take samples from the home to determine if this dangerous material is found anywhere inside, and can then provide you with the steps to remove it. Removal is really only necessary if you plan on doing any renovations, as this is when the fibers become airborne and move into the lungs.

If your home inspection does reveal asbestos, it is time to decide your next steps. If you don’t plan on doing any renovations, you are safe to live in the home with no risk to your health. If, however, you plan to renovate, you will need to have it professional removed. You can’t tell something has asbestos in it just by looking at it, so it is important to take the proper steps to remove it if needed. Ridding a home of asbestos is done by either sealing it up or covering it so it cannot release into the air. You can never remove the asbestos from the home permanently, but you can prevent it from becoming a health hazard.

Inspecting your home for hidden dangers such as asbestos is a worthwhile investment for you and your family. You cannot tell where asbestos may be lurking, so hiring a professional home inspector to check your home is the best step.