Without an annual home inspection, your Tampa roof will have a hard time reaching its life expectancy. It’s true that a properly installed and well-made roof can provide a great deal of protection against the outside elements, yet that’s also what makes it more vulnerable. The roofs on our homes put up with daily beatings from the sun’s rays, the rain’s moisture and the wind’s strength. Even the strongest roof can only take so much.

That’s why it’s essential to hire a qualified home inspection Tampa team to accurately judge the current condition of your Tampa roof. With only a small investment of your time and money, you can catch quite a few roofing problems before they become major issues. Here are three of the most important reasons for regular roof inspections by a qualified Tampa home inspection team.

Storms can cause damage.

Over the past several years, Florida has experienced moderate to severe damage due to storms. Although Tampa has been lucky enough to escape major hurricane destruction – our area still receives quite a bit of wind and rain from nearby storm systems. Sometimes this type of roof damage is obvious, such as a fallen tree on your roof or new leaks in your ceiling. However, some problems can only be seen by climbing onto the roof. And even then, they can easily be overlooked by amateurs who have no roofing expertise.

 Aging brings wear and tear.

As your roof begins to age, it’s common to start noticing more issues. Those who live in harsher climates such as Florida may start seeing these issues sooner. Cracks, leaks and peeling paint are all normal signs of wear and tear. Also, keep an eye out for mold along the exterior of your roof. This often points to water intrusion from a roof leak.

Your roof has a warranty.

Most qualified contractors and professional roofers offer a warranty when they install your roof yet few people remember to take advantage of this precious pledge! The most common type of roof warranty issued is known as a shingle (or manufacturer’s) warranty. This protects you as the homeowner, against any defects in the roofing materials. But beware that it offers no defense if the roof is improperly installed. The time period of this warranty can range from 20 to 50 years, and may require proof of regular roof maintenance to be valid. It’s essential to read the details of your roofing warranty for additional guidance.

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