Perhaps the most important Tampa home inspection you can get is a roof inspection. In Florida, and across the country, your roof is subjected to high winds, severe rain, heat, cold, and more. Your roof keeps your family warm, dry, and safe but is often forgotten as it’s not something we have to think about. For this reason, getting a roof inspection is extremely important whether you’re buying a new home or have lived there for ten years.

Tampa home inspections will check your roof for damage, leaks, and flaws. Regularly inspecting your roof can help prolong the life of your roof and prevent damage. A leaking roof can bring about mold in unknown areas like your attic, that if left unchecked can wreak havoc on your home. A regular Tampa home inspection can prevent roof leaks from causing destruction. This is crucial for those Florida rainy seasons and hurricane season, both of which bring huge amounts of rain and open your roof up for potential risk.

Regular roof inspections should be varied between seasons to help reveal any issues that may be heightened during specific weather. Winter months could reveal soft spots in your roof, whereas the rainy summer season can show any potential leaks. You should also have a roof inspection if you’ve just had significant repairs to your roof or had it replaced. Inspecting after these situations can ensure there are no flaws in the workmanship. This will also help ensure that your roof is helping your home be energy efficient. A good roof keeps your home cool, meaning your air conditioner isn’t working as hard.

Taking care of your roof means keeping your home safe for years to come. Roof inspections can maintain the integrity of your roof and prolong its life and value. The Radiant Property Inspection team can address your roof inspection needs and keep your home safe for years to come.