As in every industry, some home inspectors are just plain better than others. When looking to hire a professional for a major purchase, it only makes sense to choose the best one you can find.

Before hiring your next home inspector, make sure to ask these questions…

Do you have a home inspector license for Florida?

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation issues home inspector licenses to Florida residents who pass a written exam, complete a department approved 120-hour course and submit to a criminal background check. If your home inspector cannot provide proof of licensure, run away now.

What is the fee for your home inspection?

Home inspection costs will vary from state to state and from company to company. The main reason for this is typically due to the experience of the home inspector as well as the intricacy of the home inspection itself. Just remember, price is nothing without context, which leads to our next question…

What does your home inspection cover?

At a minimum, your home inspection should cover all state requirements and comply with the standard code of ethics. Beyond that, find out exactly what will be looked at and what information your home inspector plans to provide. If there are any areas of special concern, now is the time to bring them up.

When will I receive my home inspection report?

A professional home inspector will always provide a written report upon completion of inspection. Find out how long it will take before the report is sent to you, as well as what the method of delivery shall be. You may also want to review a sample report to see exactly what you will be getting.

How do you stay up-to-date with home inspection guidelines?

Protocol is constantly changing in every occupation, including property inspection. A home inspector pursuing continued education in their field is a sign of a true professional.

How long have you been performing home inspections?

Experience counts for a lot when it comes to a trade like home inspection. For the inexperience inspector, each home inspection reveals new problems never seen before. Over time, a skilled home inspector learns most of the common issues as well how to deal with them. It becomes easier to spot potential defects as well.

Do they hold any professional inspection certifications?

There are a few well-known inspection associations within the home inspection industry. ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors is a long-running and well-respected association. FABI, the Florida Association of Building Inspectors is another well-established association except it is state-based.

Do you need a home inspector to examine your property? We’re ready to answer all of the questions above as well as any others you may have! Contact Radiant Home Inspect for more information.