Facing a hurricane is serious business. Preparing your home, buying supplies, and making the choice to evacuate or hunker down can be hugely stressful for families. We always think about preparing our home before the weather comes, but what about when the hurricane has hit and moved on, leaving destruction in its wake. Have you ever considered a Tampa home inspection to go over hurricane damage? Working with an inspector to go over your home after a weather event like a hurricane can help you assess the damage and create a plan going forward.

One major area you want your Tampa home inspection to cover after a major storm is your roof. Provided you did not lose your roof completely, a home inspector will need to check for missing shingles, compromised supports, and in serious cases, holes or structural damage. These will need immediate repair to prevent interior damage to your home and should be prioritized. You will also want your post-hurricane home inspection Tampa to take a look at major electrical work to make sure it did not sustain severe damage. While the inspector will not be able to fix anything, they can provide guidance as to whether or not this needs an electrician.

If your home experienced large volumes of water inside from flooding or storm surges, you may want to consider a mold inspection. Have you Tampa home inspector check common areas for mold to form to be sure you won’t uncover this costly issue down the road. Your inspector can also check your heating and air systems to make sure they did not sustain damage that would cause replacement. If hit with major debris, they may be compromised and your inspector can point these issues out to you.

Rebuilding after a hurricane is something nobody hopes do. If your home experiences moderate to severe weather phenomena such as hurricanes, working with your local home inspector to check your property for damage can save you in the long run. At Radiant Property Inspections, our team has worked in Florida and knows exactly what to look for. Call us today!