These days, you can’t talk about the housing market without the topic of energy efficiency coming up. So many families are looking for ways to make their home energy efficient or moving into a new home that has energy efficient measures built in. Have a Tampa home inspection done to see exactly how your home or potential new home stacks up. Depending on the steps you want to take to make your space energy efficient, you may have to go through specific channels or find approvals or meet certain requirements. Using a local Tampa home inspection service will help you get things in order. Many buildings have different building codes, so the requirements to implement energy efficiency in buildings can vary.

When going to a more energy efficient model, your changes have to have significant savings benefits. The requirement to implement energy efficiency in buildings is set on a statewide basis, so what pertains to one state may not pertain to another. Consider this if moving or buying commercial real estate in other states. Again, make sure to have a Tampa home inspection service to help with this decision.

Some states require certain types buildings to be energy efficient. If you’re about to buy a commercial building, be sure you have the financial capability to convert this building to an energy efficient model if the state requires it. Most state mandates can be viewed online if you need specific numbers or percentages for your area. In Florida, there is the Florida Energy Conservation and Sustainable Buildings Act to guide your energy efficient journey. Florida also provides rebates for certain energy efficient changes you make, so this can help cover additional costs you may accrue with switching over.

What can you do to make your building more energy efficient? First, invest in lighting that is energy efficient. LED light bulbs are longer lasting and reduce electric bills. For homes and buildings with appliance, research out options that are energy efficient. These models will use less electricity and water to run, saving you money and using less electricity. If you have the funding and are looking to “go green,” consider getting an inspection to go over areas that can be converted to energy efficient means and those that might be in need of some repair. Knowing the requirements to implement energy efficiency in buildings is now easier than ever with your home inspector Tampa team at Radiant Property Inspections.