Whenever you have a buyer that requests repairs to be made by the seller after an inspection, you may run in to a re-inspection. A re-inspection is a Tampa home inspection that is performed to ensure that any repairs made by the seller are up to code and done well. The last thing you want is to request a few big-ticket repairs to be completed by the seller, close on the house, and move in to find poor work quality that needs to be fixed again. Whether you do or don’t want to undergo a re-inspection, we’ve put together our tips below.

One way to avoid a re-inspection is to make minimal or realistic repairs. Chances are, if you have several large and expensive repairs completed by the seller that you will want an additional Tampa home inspection. This inspection is paid for by the buyer, and does potentially add more time to the clock before closing. We always recommend a second Tampa home inspection when things such as roof repairs, electrical work, or plumbing is concerned. If you want to avoid a re-inspection you can also ask for concessions from the seller, which would allow you to get the work completed by companies of your choosing.

You can also request specific repairs in order to minimize the risk of improper work being completed. For example, requesting the roof to be repaired may have a far different end result than specifying the roof should be replaced with specific materials by a licensed roofing contractor. Once completed, you can ask the seller for invoices and permits to ensure work is safe. If you do prefer to have a secondary, or re-inspection, this can certainly put your mind at ease. Knowing things were repaired correctly and are in good working order can help you focus your energy on other projects rather than worrying about things that may have already been taken care of.

A re-inspection is never necessary, but can be hugely beneficial if the seller has made major repairs since your first home inspection. If you are thinking about a re-inspection, call us today to discuss the areas you are concerned about and schedule your appointment.