When buying a home, a Tampa home inspection is a pretty standard part of the process, unless you choose to waive the inspection and a buy a home as-is. If you decide to add a Tampa home inspection contingency, this means the entire sale is contingent upon the home inspection, as noted in your contract. Some buyers may see this as unnecessary and a risk that could cost them the home of their dreams, but it is a hugely beneficial service that can prevent you from buying a home you cannot handle.

If you decide you want to proceed on a home in Tampa, but want to add a home inspection contingency, communicate with your real estate agent to add this into your offer. That way, the buyers know that, if your offer is accepted, they know the sale won’t progress past the inspection until you confirm. If the buyer does accept your offer, you typically have 10 days to schedule and conduct your Tampa home inspection. We always recommend scheduling this right away, as many inspection reports will be quite lengthy and have a lot of material to cover; this gives you ample time to review the report and make an informed decision about the home.

Once you have thoroughly reviewed the report, you can send over any contingencies to the buyer to ask for any considerations on the price or if they are willing to repair anything themselves prior to closing. After you settle this step with the seller, you can sign a release that allows you to move forward with the sale of the home. The contingency is a great way to give you a chance to thoroughly review the home after the inspection to determine if the needs and necessary repairs are doable for you. Many buyers who waive the home inspection find the home has major issues or is in need of expensive repairs that would have turned up on an inspection report.

Adding an inspection contingency is a way for buyers to make sure they aren’t in over their heads. A home will always come with a few surprises, but having it thoroughly inspected means you can find out as much as possible beforehand. Call our team as Radiant Property Inspections today to learn more.