In Florida, if you buy a home you need to ensure your home is protected from the often volatile weather. Hurricanes, rain storms, wind, we see it all here in Florida, so a thorough Tampa home inspection can keep you protected. When you go to get your homeowners insurance, they will usually ask for what is called a 4-point inspection. This is especially important for older homes that have areas that may have fallen out of code standards or had non-permitted work done. So, what are the 4 points covered in a Tampa home inspection?

HVAC System
For a 4-point Tampa home inspection, the inspector is checking to make sure your air conditioning and heating system is functioning. They will check the date of install and any repairs to ensure it doesn’t need to be replaced. They will test how it cools and heats and let you know if it needs to be cleaned.

The roof of your home is possibly one of the most important aspect of our new home. Replacing the roof can cost you thousands, so the inspector is going to check the age of the roof, if any repairs or replacement were permitted and up to code. If the roof is sagging, discolored, or missing shingles, all of this will be noted In the 4 point inspection.

Many older homes have pipes that are no longer used, such as galvanized steel. Old pipes can be compromised, prompting leaks that can cause damage to your home. The inspector will test for leaks, water pressure, and any repairs that have been made. Like all other aspects of the 4 point inspection, the inspector wants to ensure all work was done properly and up to codes.

Last on the 4 point inspection is your electrical system. This is going to cover any visible wiring as well as your electrical panel and outlets. The electrical panel is a costly repair to make, so the inspector will check that it has enough power to service your home and that it is not a fire hazard. They will also check to make sure all wiring is up to code and not dangerously exposed.

A 4 point inspection is a very important step in buying your home. A thorough check of all the major aspects of the home will let your insurance company know the home is safe. If you need an inspection, call us at Radiant Property Inspection today.