You may think your standard Tampa home inspection covers pests, but this is not always the case. If you aren’t careful, some less-than-welcome bugs may make themselves right at home in your new house. Regular pest control is always important for homes in any state, but Florida has several pests you need to be on the lookout for. If you spot these, make sure your Tampa home inspector checks for any damage that may need to be repaired and call a pest control service immediately.

The most obvious, and most serious, pest Floridian homeowners will come across are termites. The tricky thing with these bugs is that they can burrow into your home eating the wood frame for months without you ever knowing it. Signs to look out for include piles of droppings that almost look like sawdust. You also want to check for compromised floorboards and drywall, meaning termites have been snacking away. If your infestation is serious, you may also see large piles of their wings, meaning they have been swarming an area. A Tampa home inspection will quickly reveal signs of termite damage, something you should take seriously and treat right away.

Roaches are the one so many of us fear, especially in Florida, where they are known to fly. You will usually see a higher influx of roaches after rain, as they flock to the dry indoors. Signs that you have these unfriendly guests include scurrying sounds when lights come on, legs or shell pieces lying about, and even signs of chewing on cardboard. To treat, invest in a do-it-yourself spray or hire a regular pest service.

Depending on the type of ant, you may think they are harmless and nothing to worry about, but you still want to keep them outside of the home. Look for ant trails heading toward exposed food or ant hills surrounding the exterior of your home. If the ants are fire ants, their bites can be extremely painful and can cause serious allergic reactions to some people. We recommend regularly spraying both inside and out to prevent ants.

In Florida, we see our fair share of crazy pests, but nobody wants them inside the home. Regularly pest control can keep them at bay, but if your home shows signs of any of these pests, you may need to hire a home inspector to ensure the home has no damage.