A Tampa home Inspection is an important part of buying, selling, and owning a home. With an inspection, you get an understanding of what is going on behind the scenes in your home and can really give you peace of mind. An inspection is designed to check everything on your home from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between, but we put together a list of the most common problems found during Tampa home inspections.

Roof Problems
The roof is by far one of the costliest, necessary repairs you will need to make to a home. When buying a new home, your Tampa home inspection will check the roof to ensure it is safe and does not need repairs or replacement. In an inspection report, your inspector will note things like sagging anywhere on the roof, any areas that are missing shingles, as well as discoloration. All of these are signs the roof is aged and may need to be replaced soon or at least need a few repairs. The inspector can note when they think the roof will need to be replaced so you can determine if the cost analysis is worth it.

When living in Florida, the air conditioner is a high priority item when it comes to buying and owning a home. A home inspection is going to check the age of your HVAC, the current condition, and how well it functions. Your inspection may report that it needs to be replaced, or that it is in need of a cleaning; With proper cleanings, your HVAC can last for upwards of twenty years. The inspector will also check that the AC system is thoroughly cooling a home; they can test for temperature differentials between what the thermostat is set to and what the home is actually being cooled to. This can be helpful to know when it is time to replace the AC unit. 

In older homes, you may find wiring that is no longer safe or up to code. Homes that used things like aluminum wiring will need to be thoroughly checked by an inspector to prevent house fires or shorted out circuits. The inspection will note any areas that have wiring that needs to be replaced and re-inspected by a licensed electrician. This will protect you from electrocuting yourself and running into further issues.

Any home is going to come with a few issues that need a closer look, and that is why an inspection is so important. Never get caught off guard when you inspect your home with Radiant Property Inspections.