If you are buying a home in Florida, your Tampa home inspection will likely show some signs of termites and other pests. Bugs are a natural part of owning a home, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the proper precautions. When buying a new home, a Tampa home inspection will check for signs of pests including wood damage and droppings. A home that has signs of termites doesn’t mean you should walk away, but it does mean you should consult your inspector on the severity and next steps.

If your home is undergoing a Tampa home inspection for pests, there are several things the inspector will look for. If you are buying or living in a frame home, the majority of your structure is wood, the main food source for termites. If this is the case, your inspector will check the crawl space of your home to ensure the structure and subfloors have not been compromised. They will also inspect the attic where there is often exposed wood beams to make sure there is no wood damage or termite droppings.

Not sure your home has termites and wonder if you need an inspection? There are things you can check for before you call your inspector to save you time. Even if your home is made of block or other non-wood sources, the termites can burrow under the home to easily access the wooden frame within the home. Check for what are called “mud tunnels” that termites use to travel. If you see these, this is a sure sign that termites are either trying to have succeeded getting into your home. If your neighbors are being fumigated for termites, there is a strong probability your home may also be affected and a home inspection is a good precaution.

Pests such as termites can wreak havoc on your home and cost you thousands of dollars if not properly treated or caught in time. Frequently check for signs of termites in your home and have regular pest inspections to keep your home protected. Want more information? Call us at Radiant Property Inspections today.