By this time, you undoubtedly know that most if to all homes are inspected by a potential buyer before the deal is finalized. A Tampa home inspection lets the buyer know of any major issues that need attention, and gives them one last opportunity to change their mind if the repairs are too great. What you may not know, however, is that a Tampa home inspection done by the seller before putting their home on the market is often done. If you’re selling your home, you may not love the idea of putting out a few hundred dollars to inspect the home when the buyer typically does this, but we think there are some worthy benefits to going this route.

You Can Save Money
When a Tampa home inspection is done by an interested buyer, the offer price usually takes into account repairs they will need to make when they move in. If you do a pre-inspection, you now have time to repair any areas that would commonly reduce the sale price of your home. Any new updates can also make your home seem more appealing and up-to-date to buyers.

You Can Sell Faster
If you wait for an interested buyer to inspect your home, you are adding time onto the sale process. If the home inspection is already completed and things have been updated to reflect the inspectors report, this can greatly speed up the sale of your home.

It Protects You in the Long Run
You may be worried that the inspection will turn up things you cannot afford to repair. With a pre-inspection, you know all problems ahead of time, but this doesn’t mean you absolutely have to fix them. The benefit here is that your buyer cannot come back down the road and try and file a suit against you for not revealing your home’s problems.

Though not necessarily the norm, a home inspection done by the seller before a home goes up for sale has a great deal of benefits. Here at Radiant Property Inspections, we specialize in multiple types of inspections; call to make your appointment today!