During the home buying/selling process, the buyer orders a Tampa home inspection to ensure the home is livable and they are willing to purchase. Once completed, the Tampa home inspector will return the inspection report to the buyers to review. As a seller, you may be curious what the Inspection revealed, and want to ask for a copy of the report. Since the buyer is paying for the Tampa home inspection, they don’t have to share it with you.

Consider this: the buyers’ inspection reveals that there are foundational issues, and they terminate the sale. If you have a copy of the buyers’ Tampa home inspection report, you are now obligated to disclose this information to any new potential buyers. If you do not learn of this information, you therefore cannot share it; while this may seem like you are withholding information, having to willingly share this could result in buyers not even viewing your home. Any pertinent information you receive from a buyers’ inspection would then be on your listing or shared with a buyers’ agent, and many buyers may turn away without giving your home a second thought, despite all its other positives.

If you think your buyer is ready to negotiate, you can request a copy of their inspection report if you choose. This way, you can be prepared for any repair requests they may make. An inspection report is often used for negotiations, so having a copy may come in handy if you are willing to meet in the middle with a buyer. This also gives you upfront knowledge of major repairs so you can financially plan on what you are willing to fix and discuss how this affects the sale price of your home and the profits you would net.

As a seller, it can be somewhat murky waters when dealing with a buyer’s home inspection. You may want a copy of the report to see what the inspector has turned up, but be warned that you are then legally obligated to disclose all information you learn about your home. Curiosity may get the best of some sellers, but many think it is better to leave the report in the buyer’s hands and wait until negotiations. Not sure if you should get a copy of your buyer’s inspection report? Call us at Radiant Property to discuss your options.