Radiant Property Inspections has the most qualified and experienced inspectors in the area. Let our team of professionals conduct a thorough home inspection of your home in Seffner. Safety of your home is our mission!

During the home inspection process we will thoroughly inspect all the components of your property in Seffner, from the foundation all the way up to the roof, including all major systems: plumbing, electrical, heating etc. Whether you’re buying a property or selling it, you can benefit from our services. We can ensure that your home is in good shape and put your mind at ease by knowing that your home is safe. We can even detect issues in a property that you are buying so that you can negotiate a lower price. A home inspection for your Seffner home can also help the seller in setting a price. Even if you’re buying or building a brand new house, don’t skip the home inspection. Brand new homes can sometimes have major flaws. Avoid any unnecessary repair costs, hire our professionals.

We have experience in new construction, older homes, commercial properties and every other possible type. Besides home inspection, we offer other inspection services such as wind mitigation, 203k inspection, mold testing, pest inspection etc. When living in Florida, wind mitigation is a must. That’s the type of evaluation normally used to get insurance discounts off your windstorm coverage. Our home inspectors will look for key building features with the ability to decrease the damage caused during a hurricane or windstorm. Each feature falls into one of the following categories: type of construction, the shape of your roof and the elevation of your home as well as the year your home was built.

Following the inspection, we will provide a written and detailed report that will address any areas that may cause concern. We encourage our clients to participate in the home inspection process and  to ask any questions during and after the process, because we want to give them the opportunity to learn every single detail about their property.

We all need somewhere where we feel safe. Let Radiant Property Inspections put your mind at ease and schedule your home inspection within 72 hours either by going online or calling us directly at 813-839-8416.