When a buyer gets a Tampa home inspection, it can be used to learn more about the home and what it needs in terms of repairs. Many buyers will use the Tampa home inspection report to leverage their position when it comes time to negotiations. There are common things that many buyers will request to be repaired by the seller, if the inspection turns them up, but there are a few things a buyer should never request.

Cosmetic Repairs
As much as the cosmetic issues may catch your eye when viewing a home, these should not be requested from the seller. Things like new paint or staining the deck would not be picked up on a Tampa home inspection report, and therefore should not be asked for. Those things are easily changed and customized once you own the home and could risk the sale.

Water Damage
Unless the water damage has compromised the structure of your home, water damage should not be requested as a repair to be done by the seller. Staining on the ceiling, walls, or baseboards does not look pretty, but does not mean there is a problem. As long as the underlying damage was repaired at some point, this should be fixed by the buyer.

Rough landscaping is not ideal, but not something a home inspection will catch. Most sellers would likely reject any requests for landscaping repairs and upgrades, and this could cost you the home of your dreams. This is one thing that is best left to the buyers so it can be customized to your liking.

The home inspection report can be overwhelming with many things being pointed out in need or repairs. If you’re buying a home, you need to know which things you should repair and which can be done by the seller so you don’t lose out on the house. If you need to learn more about home inspections, call the team at Radiant Property Inspections today.