One big benefit to a Tampa home inspection is the leverage it gives you when it comes time to negotiate. Any major areas your Tampa inspector finds can be worked into your contract, if approached the right way. There are the obvious things you shouldn’t ask for, but a lot of what is found in an inspection can be reasonably repaired by the seller without compromising the purchase. We’ve put together three common repair requests that you can make if these issues turn up on your Tampa home inspection.

If your inspection turns up signs of termites, a common problem in wood-frame homes in Florida, you can and should work with your real estate agent to ask the seller to fumigate. Termites can wreak havoc unnoticed, leaving the frame of your home in shambles and causing extensive damage. Requesting that the home be tented prior to closing is a reasonable, and common request that buyers make if the inspection shows significant signs of pest damage.

While electrical repairs are typically costlier, there are a few areas you can ask the seller to repair without too much fuss. Something like a new electrical panel is something you want to consult the seller on. Many older electrical panels are fire hazards, and can even be considered uninsurable by some home owners insurance companies; asking the seller to replace this would not be an unheard of request and could save you a thousand dollars in work.

The roof is the most common area that, if requested to be replaced or repaired, may threaten the purchase of your new home. Replacing a roof is an expensive endeavor, but one that is extremely important as most new home owners don’t want to replace the roof in their first year of ownership. If your home inspection turns up that the roof has only 1-2 years left, if not less, consult the seller and see if they will replace it or give you a credit so that you can replace it yourself. You may not get a credit for the full replacement cost, but this can help reduce your expenses significantly.

Asking for repairs from a seller may not be everyone’s favorite part of buying a new home, but if done right it can save you thousands of dollars. Use your home inspection report to your advantage as you get close to closing time and see if your seller is willing to negotiate. Need an inspection? Call Radiant Property Inspections today!