When buying a home, the days after a Tampa home inspection can be an eye-opening time. You may be going through a laundry list of questions you wish you had asked or areas you are confused on. Reading a Tampa home inspection report can sometimes be tricky, but knowing the right questions to ask immediately following a Tampa home inspection can significantly ease the stress of deciphering the report. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can fix it yourself or that you know what you’re doing: ask for help!

Ask them to show you areas that need minor repair. The Tampa home inspection can be overwhelming, and you may forget things that were quickly pointed out as an “easy fix.” Sit down at the end of the report and highlight any areas you are unsure of and ask the inspector to point them out to you in the home. Sometimes the repairs can be small and very specific, so you don’t want to forget to repair a minor issue that could cause larger problems down the road.

Be sure to get a realistic timeline of when things need to be repaired. You may have a long list of repairs to make that won’t be covered by the seller, and you’ll have to prioritize your budget. Be real with your inspector and ask which items just can’t wait. There is no sense in repairing minor things that can wait when you have something costly that should be fixed up front.

If you are unsure how to work certain things, this is another question to ask the inspector. They might show you a thermostat or circuit breaker that you have never seen before. Rather than wait and hope you can figure it out, ask them to show you how it works. Inspectors have a wide range of knowledge they can utilize to help you run your home properly and efficiently.

When you receive your inspection report, you should have more specific questions to ask related directly to your home. Be sure to come ready with a few questions, which can open up a dialogue between you and the inspector. A home inspection doesn’t have to be complicated and confusing: call Radiant Property Inspection to schedule your home inspection today.