A thermographic inspection uses infrared video and cameras to measure surface temperatures in a home or building. These are most commonly used to determine if a home needs insulation. The Tampa property inspection will look for areas that are white to know if the area is emitting more heat and black areas show colder spaces. This can be done both inside or outside a home, depending on the weather, though interior inspections are done far more frequently. If you are considering this, consider the practical thermography applications for a building property inspection in Tampa.

The first practical thermography application for building property inspections in Tampa is saving money. This inspection can show you where your home has escaping cool air that could be causing high electric bills. The infrared scans will show if your home needs insulation or if your current insulation is not working by pointing out areas with higher temperatures. Those with commercial buildings can call out an inspector to show if their building needs insulation to keep the building cool.

Saving money is key with a thermographic inspection, but make your home more energy efficient is also a plus. The inspector can show you areas where your home is not performing and causing you to be less energy efficient. Maybe those weather-strips on your doors are letting cold air seep out, or the windows you just bought are filling your home with hot air. These are things the inspection should point out in order help your home be as energy efficient as possible, making this a key practical thermography application for a building inspection.

For Floridians, keeping your home or commercial building is crucial, especially in those unbearably hot summer months. Call out your local inspector for a thermography inspection to make sure your home is staying cool and not wasting energy. With all the advancements in this technology, your inspector can point out everything from where you need insulation to problem areas where your home needs to be more energy efficient.


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