Very few buyers would consider declining a property inspection when purchasing a home, however few sellers would think to hire a property inspector before listing their property. Both inspections are important, but seller inspections (also known as pre-listing or pre-inspections) are still less commonly performed. We believe few home inspection resources for homeowners provide enough information regarding seller inspections. Thus, many home sellers don’t even realize specialized pre-listing inspections actually exist. And those who do know little about their advantages.

One such advantage is stress-reduction. There’s often a lot of stress surrounding the sale of a home which can quickly manifest into thoughts about potential problems with your home. A lot of that stress is caused by the fear of the unknown. The surest way to fix such a problem is with a pre-listing inspection. After completion, items requiring repair can be performed at your leisure so long as they’re finished before you list your home.

Another benefit of a seller inspection is in its ability to support the listing price set on your home. If your home is in superior condition as compared to your neighbors, that may have an effect on your home’s market value. Remember, there’s little knowledge concerning seller inspections in most home inspection resources for homeowners. It’s always best to seek the advice of your local real estate agent before making any assumptions.

Homes that are listed with seller inspections have another advantage that you may not be aware of. Sometimes it speeds up the sales process, which becomes an especially important advantage during times when properties are plentiful but few buyers exist to purchase them. A recent written home inspection proving the excellent condition of your home has the potential to entice a home buyer into making an offer sooner. Who knows, it might even inspire a bidding war.

Another great reason for ordering a move-in seller certified home inspection is you’re MUCH less likely to run into home inspection issues when you’re under contract with a buyer later on. Assuming that your pre-listing inspection does uncover problems with your home, we know you’re smart enough to take our advice about fixing these items before putting your home on the market. Just don’t be surprised if a homebuyer still wants to do their own home inspection during their due diligence period.

Luckily, you have nothing to hide because you hired Radiant Property Inspection to perform your move-in seller certified home inspection! If you’re just now getting around to this all-important home inspection resource for homeowners task, call us at (813) 839-8416.




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  • Fully Insured (GL & E&O)
  • Discount for Military
  • Checks, & Credit Cards Accepted
  • Pet-Friendly

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