No matter where you are in your home buying or selling journey, you have likely heard all about Tampa home inspections. You have probably heard that they cost a few hundred dollars and can take up to four hours, and automatically assumed this is a required part of the process. What you may not have heard is that, depending where you are located and the language in the contract, a Tampa home inspection may not be required.

Just because a home inspection may not be required does not necessarily mean that it should be skipped. For those buyers saying Tampa home inspections are costly and time consuming, think about the following scenario. You buy a home without an inspection and six months after you move in, you determine there is major mold damage that is affecting your air quality. Had you completed an inspection, costing you a few hundred dollars, you would have uncovered the mold and saved yourself time and thousands of dollars in clean-up costs.

Most of the people you talk to, including your real estate agent, will tell you that a home inspection is a vital part of the home buying process. Legally this is not required when you purchase a home, but you should seriously weigh the benefits against the cost and time before making a final decision. If you are considering forgoing the home inspection, make sure your loan program allows it. Certain loans will require home inspections in order to get the final approval, so this is something you can check with your lender. This is not incredibly common, but always check before making an offer and declining the inspection.

Home inspections can reveal problems you may never even think of. An investment that costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars is something you want to take seriously, and without a home inspection, you are taking a huge financial risk. If you are still unsure about getting a home inspection, the team here at Radiant Property Inspection can talk you through your options and the types of issues that could be uncovered in an inspection.