Checking the roof is part of the standard Tampa home inspection, but what if your roof is slightly out of the norm? A flat roof, though not technically flat, poses it’s own sets of problems that needs to be thoroughly checked. Roof damage can be one of the costliest issues to repair in a home, so making sure your Tampa home inspection checks your roof is always important, especially if your new home has a flat roof.

A flat roof, as said before, is not actually completely flat; it just has a much lower pitch than a traditional roof. You will often see this on home additions where a patio was converted into heated living space, as patios often have this style roof. Depending on the flatness of your roof, you may be unable to use shingles, which means your roof will likely age far quicker. In Florida, with the heavy amounts of summer rainfall, flat roofs can often collect water, leading to a compromised structure and risk for water damage. If you’re buying a home with a flat, or low-pitch roof, make sure your Tampa home inspection covers everything so that there are no surprises.

A roof inspection on a flat roof will look for areas that have dipped, suggesting there is structural rot or damage. This could be cause for concern as this may lead to leaks or a roof collapse in the future. They will also look to see if the roof’s slope is cause gutters and drains to clog; if these are clogging relatively easily, this could cause water to back up onto the roof. If this is the case, you may need to regularly clean your roof to prevent this from occurring. Next, your inspector is going to check the roofing materials; some flat roofs are so flat they cannot use shingles, and may be using a roll-out roof that has a much shorter lifespan. This is important to note with your inspector as a new roof can be a costly expense.

A roof inspection is always one of the most important parts of a home inspection, especially if you have a flat roof. This style roof provides its own set of potential risks, so being aware and having it thoroughly checked can save you a great deal of stress and money. Call our team today to schedule your next inspection.