A garage is a lot of things to a lot of people; a place to park your car, a laundry room, a storage shed, and more. No matter what your use is for this part of your home, it should undergo a Tampa home inspection periodically. This room, though not an interior space of the home, is extremely important and is susceptible to a world of problems if you don’t have regularly scheduled Tampa home inspections. If you ever do plan on selling your home, here are our tips for keeping your garage pristine.

Clean the Floor
The garage floor brings in all types of dirt and debris, whether it’s from the car or the elements. Keeping the floor clean helps the space look nice, but it also prevents any injuries. A clean floor will also help you spot droppings from unwanted visitors or pests, something a Tampa home inspection will be quick to point out. Once the floor is clean, try putting down a garage paint to seal the floor and help make clean up easier down the road.

Check for Cracks
No part of your home is immune to foundation settling or problems, so always be on the lookout for signs of cracking or lifting. Cracks can let in moisture and water, bringing with it mold. Depending on the severity of the issue, there may be signs that there is structural damage, and a professional will need to evaluate. If you let this go, you could incur huge expenses to repair your foundation when you could have prevented it by performing an inspection.

Keep the Garage Door Functioning
Many homeowners take a functional garage door for granted, but this can change quickly if you don’t regularly maintain it. Make sure it is running smoothly and closing all the way. A rough, half-operational garage door could lead to break-ins or injuries if the door falls apart. Make sure to keep the dirt, bugs, and grim off of it by cleaning it at least once a year, which will help keep all the parts running smoothly.

A garage is a luxury not every homeowner gets, so make sure to inspect yours regularly to look out for common problems. Not sure if your garage is up to the test? Call us at Radiant Property Inspections and we will come take a look.