Based on the title of this blog, you may be scratching your head. How can spending a few hundred dollars for Tampa home inspections every year actually save you money? Aside from the obvious first inspection when you purchase a home, inspecting areas of your home on a somewhat regular basis can keep you up-to-date on your homes issues and help you cut costs. Establishing a relationship with a trusted Tampa home inspection service can be beneficial down the road; being able to trust someone to tell you the condition of your home truthfully means you’ll never wonder what is going on. We’ve put together a few areas where keeping regular home inspections can save you money.

No, inspecting your home does not give you lowered home insurance rates. However, what if your Tampa home inspection reveals that your home needs a new roof and the home has an oil tank. These are issues that will either cancel out a home insurance policy or cause your rates to spike. Knowing these issues when you buy a home means you can either walk away if the costs are too much, get the seller to pay to fix them, or repair them yourself to prevent a rate increase down the road.

If there is one word you do not want to hear when it comes to your home, it’s mold. If your home inspection reveals mold, you will end up spending a significant amount of money to treat the mold and the underlying cause that started it. Maintaining regular inspections will help you know any areas that could potentially cause mold, giving you time to repair them before the damage is already done.

There are many aspects of a home that we take for granted. For instance, if a toilet flushes, we don’t question it. But what happens when that toilet leaks, and leaks, and leaks, causing water damage to your home? Regular inspections mean that you’ll know when plumbing needs a closer look, which could potentially save you thousands in remodeling and repair costs.

Getting your home inspected may seem like a pain, but in the long run can save you thousands. Maintaining a home is a huge project, and having a second pair of eyes check over everything is something to always keep in mind.