If you’re out searching the housing market, you may be seeing things like foreclosure, auctions, or as-is listings. Tampa home inspections allow buyers to see major problems in a home and address them with the current homeowners, but this is not the case with as-is homes. You will likely see homes that look picture perfect, but they can be hiding expensive dangers and problems. Buying a home as-is means the seller will not give credits or make repairs to any issues. While sellers are required to disclose any known issues about the home, there is little assistance otherwise.

Buying an as-is home can pose its own risk to buyers. While you can have a Tampa home inspection to reveal any issues with the home, you are most likely going to be paying for any repairs yourself. For those homes that are not sold as-is, your seller will likely get certain things repairs for the buyer or provide some type of credit so they buyer can fix it themselves. As-is sales mean the seller is not obligated to provide any such assistance and can thus reject any requests for repairs, despite what your Tampa home inspection states.

This is an important circumstance for those buyers with a limited budget. Talk with your real estate agent to determine if this is the best course of action based on your needs and budget. If you find your dream home but it needs thousands of dollars of work and is sold as-is, this may not be beneficial for your situation. If you decide an as-is home is a good option for your family, consult your Tampa home inspector to make sure all crucial areas are inspected and covered. A thorough inspection in an as-is home can help you know any issues that may arise with your new home.

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