If you like projects, a fixer upper home might be a great fit for you. A little scary from the outside but with a little hard work and imagination, it can be a beautiful home that is perfect for you and your family. While you may be great with your hands and are looking for a new project, fixer uppers should still get a thorough Tampa home inspection to make sure the home won’t become a money pit. Even homes with great potential can have unseen problems that would have easily been found with an inspection.

Paint and Asbestos
A home inspection in Tampa FL could reveal lead based paint and other health hazards. Homes built in the 70s or earlier usually have lead based paint. Your home may also have asbestos that you are unaware of. These are important to know because if you decide to remodel, asbestos must be professional taken care of and lead based paint can cause health issues if ingested. A Tampa home inspection could warn you of these issues ahead of time.

Electrical Issues
If you’re buying a fixer upper, chances are your electrical work is outdated. The good news is, you are likely getting the home for a great price that allows you to redo the electrical throughout the house, but an inspection can warn you of any potential fire hazards or other issues such as a faulty circuit breaker.

You may walk through a house and decide you want to redo a bathroom, something that might be considered an easy job. Without a home inspection, you may not realize the home has cast iron pipes, something that would need to be repaired if the home is nearing 50 years old. This can be a huge cost to your project, and could be make or break if the home already has costly changes adding up.

Buying a fixer upper can offer you huge potential and can be a great investment. If you can see past what the home currently is, to what it could be, you’ll likely find the project to be worth it. No matter how handy you are or how many homes you’ve flipped, we always recommend a home inspection to avoid any nasty and expensive surprises. For more information visit our home page.