If you currently own or are thinking of buying a home, you should start researching now. Owning a home comes with a slew of things to work on and consider, so being as knowledgeable as you can will save you time, stress, and money down the road. One area you want to familiarize yourself with is mold. Mold is a common fungus that can enter the home and wreak havoc if left untreated. If you are unsure if what you find is mold, we recommend a Tampa home inspection as well as an at-home mold test. Your Tampa home inspection can check for mold signs, and if found, will need to be eradicated immediately.

One way to tell if your home has mold is the way you feel: many people will develop allergies or become sick if there are mold spores in the air. If you start to fall ill from unknown causes, you should start checking for mold or arrange a Tampa home inspection. The inspector is going to look for signs of mold, and if found, how toxic the mold actually is. It is always recommended to have a professional remove mold from your home, but if you decide to go the do-it-yourself route, follow our tips below.

The very first thing you need to work on is removing the source of the mold: excess moisture. If you remove the mold but do not treat the underlying cause, the mold will undoubtedly return with a vengeance. Look for poorly caulked areas, leaks, or unknown sources of condensation when treating the cause. This is typically found in the bathroom, where poorly ventilated rooms lead to built-up steam and humidity.

Suit Up
When dealing with any type of hazardous material, properly protect yourself. Mold spores can be toxic, so a respirator or some type of face mask should always be used to prevent breathing anything in. We also recommend wearing gloves so nothing gets on your hands and transferred to your face or other areas of the home accidentally.

Prepare your area by sealing off affected rooms with some kind of plastic seal. A thick sheet of plastic with heavy duty tape will work as a barrier, preventing mold spores from traveling into other rooms, creating a ripple effect. Get tough cleaners that will not only remove mold but sanitize your space; look for bleach or even ammonia.

Mold is never a fun thing to find in your home. If you think there are signs of mold in your home or one you are considering buying, let your home inspector know so they can thoroughly check problem areas and notify you if a mold removal is necessary. Call us at Radiant Property Inspections to schedule an appointment today!