A Tampa home inspection covers a lot of ground: everything from the roof to the crawl space, but does it cover your front or back yard? A home inspection does not cover things that fall more into the aesthetic category, but there are things in your yard that a Tampa home inspection will notice. If you have concerns about the yard that extends beyond curb appeal, be sure to thoroughly check your inspection report and consult the seller for any major, deal breaking issues. So, what are the common things that a Tampa home inspection may reveal about your potential new yard or grounds?

No, we don’t mean the grade on your last test, but the grading that will affect how the water drains around the house. Extending away from the house, your yard should slope a few inches so water does not pool or accumulate, posing the risk for seepage into the house. If this is not the case, you may run into leaks or water coming up from the foundation. An inspection will note this and it is an easy fix; you can build up the soil immediately surrounding the house or remove soil going away from the house to create a slope for water to exit.

It’s true that an inspection will not account for someone’s poor taste in shrubs, but it will check for precarious foliage. The inspector will note any major limbs that are hanging over the roof as these pose problems for roof damage during storms. Luckily, landscaping is a relatively easy problem to remedy, though getting on the roof to trim branches may need to be done by a professional.

Rails and Walkways
If your home has a porch or any type of concrete areas, the inspector is going to review them. Porches with railings need to be secured for safety reasons, so loose rails or crumbling steps will be inspected and put on the report. For concrete walkways and driveways, the inspector is going to check for major cracks that suggest the presence of roots or other foundational issues. These are more expensive, long-term fixes that some buyers may want to request be repaired by the seller depending on the severity.

The outside of the home is the first thing you see, so it’s natural to want to make it look its best. A home inspection will not look at cosmetics, but at foundational areas that sometimes pose problems with homes. If you want your yard or grounds inspected, call the team at Radiant Property Inspections today!