Mold in your home or a home you might purchase is not something you want to mess around with. Hidden mold can cause serious health problems if exposed to it over time and it’s not always something you can see. If you’re buying, selling, or just own a home and you’re concerned about mold damage, you should call someone out to take a look. Mold is not typically covered under the general Tampa home inspections performed when a home is purchased, so mold may require a specialized Tampa home inspection service.

While Mold requires a specialized inspection, it is important to note that under a general Tampa home inspection, if the inspector sees signs of mold they will notify you. This will help you know for sure if you need to call in a specialist to inspect your whole home. If you’re concerned about mold in the home but don’t want to immediately call out a specialist, ask your general home inspector if they pay attention to the signs of mold. If you’re already hiring them for a general inspection, this can at least give you an idea of whether or not to be concerned.

If you sense your home has mold, call someone out immediately. Mold remediation can end up costing you thousands of dollars to not only remove existing mold, but prevent future outbreaks. Call in the required specialized mold inspection to keep money in your pocket and give yourself peace of mind. On top of any expenses accrued from removing mold, you have to consider any arising health needs as well. Mold can severely affect your health, prompting doctor’s visits and subsequent medical bills.

It is important to take mold seriously. If left untreated, mold can cause further damage to your home. Mold is a sign of moisture in the home and replacing damp areas like insulation, carpeting, or baseboards is not a fun project. While mold does require a special inspection, the price is worth the comfort of knowing your home is safe for you and your family.