An attic is a part of the home that is rarely seen but should always be a part of your Tampa home inspection. Not all homes have attics, but those that do need to take special care to prevent problems from occurring. If you’re buying a home with an attic, your Tampa home inspection will check for a variety of common issues, and if you already own a home, be sure to regularly inspect your attic on your own.

One area that will be covered during a Tampa home inspection is the insulation that is found throughout your attic. An inspection will ensure that insulation is evenly placed, preventing poorly insulated areas from becoming too hot or too cold. If your inspection reveals uneven insulation, you can move it around on your own, which will keep your home running efficiently.

Since your attic is near the roof line, you have to watch for signs of mold and mildew. If an unknown roof leak is left untreated, the water can seep into the attic, effecting the insulation and wood beams. If your attic shows signs of moisture, make sure your vents are properly functioning; clogged vents can result in a buildup of moisture inside the attic, leading to a breeding ground for black mold.

Owning your own home, you’ll come to find that many pests will try to make themselves at home in your house, and the attic is no different. The attic may show signs of pest activity such as droppings, smells, or shredded insulation. Rats and squirrels commonly make entry to the attic from the roof, so your inspection will point out if there have been any furry friends making themselves comfortable in your house.

The attic is not a commonly visited area of the home, but that doesn’t mean it can go without any attention. When buying a home, your home inspector will check this area thoroughly, but if you are already a home-owner, be sure to regularly inspect your attic. If you are in the market for a home inspector, call us at Radiant Property Inspections today to schedule an appointment or learn more.