The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in most American households, so you want to make sure your Tampa home inspection is catching everything. You may think your newly remodeled kitchen with upgraded appliances and granite countertops can pass a Tampa home inspection with flying colors, but there is more to each inspection than meets the eye. We’ve compiled a list of the most common problems found in a kitchen inspection so you can be better prepared when it comes time for your next inspection.

No Water Shut-Off
When buying a home, your Tampa home inspection will always note if there is a water shut-off at the house. Older homes may only have a shut-off valve at the street, putting your home at risk of flooding should a pipe burst inside. Most homes will have a shut-off in the kitchen under the sink, so if your inspector notes that this is absent, this is something to consider asking the sellers to repair.

Leaking Sinks
A slow leaking sink can end up costing you hundreds of extra dollars a year on your water bill, not to mention the fact that is it bad for the environment. If your home inspection turns up leaky sinks, it could be from a poorly installed faucet, old pipes, or a loose piece of hardware. We recommend fixing this immediately if you end up purchasing the home to prevent water damage and an expensive water bill.

Unsafe Outlets
Outlets in the kitchen are great for your countertop appliances, but if not properly installed or there are no GFCI outlets, you are putting yourself at risk. GFCI, or ground fault circuit interrupter, outlets should be used anywhere there is risk of water or moisture. This prevents electrical shocks, the risk of which is increased when you are around areas that have water. New homes are required to use these outlets per code standards, but older homes may still have older outlets, so it’s good to invest in upgrading them based on your inspection report.

When you get your home inspected, each room is broken down in detail so you can determine what is in need of repairs. The kitchen is a busy room in the house and should be treated as such by thoroughly reviewing your inspection report and making the necessary upgrades or repairs. If you need an inspection, call Radiant Property Inspections today!