Commercial Property Inspection Tampa

No smart investor of commercial property would dream of purchasing without an inspection in Tampa! Whether it’s your first time or your 100th time buying commercial property, each one is different and requires its own assessment.

Just like a used car, older properties require more maintenance and repair as time passes. A commercial property inspection Tampa will identify any necessary repairs and potential problems. Not only does this provide you with supplementary information about a particular investment but it also often improves your negotiating position. When it comes to commercial property inspections Tampa, more information is always better than less.

Common types of commercial properties include apartment buildings, hotels, warehouses, retail centers and office buildings. In order to properly perform your due diligence, these types of properties require a commercial and home property inspection Tampa. The scope of the inspection can range from a mere visual examination to a more complete review of the structure’s components. When you ask for the price, always find out what it covers, especially when comparing one commercial property inspector to another. A higher price often equates to a more comprehensive inspection. For large investments like commercial property purchases, it only makes sense to get as thorough an inspection as possible.

During a commercial property inspection, we review many of the elements found in a residential home inspection such as it’s mechanical, electrical and HVAC systems. We’re also looking for inadequate design, improper maintenance, systems nearing the end of their life, building code violations and poor craftsmanship.

In addition, we examine the site exterior including landscape, pavement and utilities. The support, control and finish of the building envelope is also evaluated to determine the structure’s resistance to water, light, air, heat and noise. If the building itself contains elevators or conveyance systems, those too will be assessed.

Once your commercial property inspection has been completed, we will deliver a written report outlining our findings. This report will include photos as well as any significant concerns or deficiencies that were found during the inspection. Within your report, you’ll find a list of repairs to address immediately as well as additional items to watch in the future.

Anyone can inspect a property, but few will do it with the qualifications and concierge services that we provide at Radiant Property Inspection. We encourage you to learn more about our team and our experience. When you’re ready to schedule a commercial property inspection, call (813) 839-8416 or contact us online!