Tampa property inspections for commercial buildings must ensure that the building is safe for everyone that enters the premises, employees and public alike. These inspections take place at various times in a building’s existence. The foundation, drainage, and other structural features are often checked with an inspection during the early stages of a building’s construction. Once fully built, you will have a final property inspection of the Tampa property. This final inspection will be done to ensure that the building is up to code and provides safe working conditions. 

Whether a building has just been completed or just sold to a new owner, there are key areas that must be inspected to ensure that the commercial building is safe. The structure of the building is the primary point of inspection. The commercial building in Tampa will need a property inspection in order to gather very precise details of the building to make sure it is in good condition.When dealing with older buildings, the inspector will check for things like stone, metal, or wood construction that may have worn down and is in need of replacement. Roofs are another part of a building that has a life expectancy that requires inspections to check for any necessary repairs or replacement.

Inspectors must also make sure that buildings have all the appropriate safety routes in case of fires or other emergencies. Sprinkler systems, fire escapes, and fire extinguishers all require examination that they are operational within a commercial building inspection. An electrical system that a building runs on must be safe and effective; Electrical system needs can often change with the life of a building, so having a system that is up to date is often required. The most important part of inspections is that the building meets local and federal codes and regulations. All aspects of a building can have codes at either the local or federal level, and often times they can differ from state to state or building to building.

A commercial inspection shares many similarities with a traditional home inspection. If you are buying or building a new commercial building, call our team at Radiant Property today to schedule your inspection.