As a smart home buyer, you’ve made the right choice to get a home inspection performed after going under contract to purchase a home. In the best-case scenario, your home inspection report comes back listing a few minor repairs yet no major repairs. And sometimes it turns out to be a bad home inspection.

When a home inspection is bad, there are ways to handle it, depending on the cause. There are typically two reasons for a bad home inspection. First, it may have been performed by an inexperienced and unqualified individual. Hiring one of these so-called professionals happens more often than you think.

One of the biggest reasons this happens is that few states actually regulate the practice and licensure of their home inspectors. Florida is fortunate to be one of the few states that does regulate home inspectors. Even so, there are a few steps you can take to avoid accidentally hiring a bad inspector.

Before scheduling your home inspection, ask about the credentials of the home inspector who will be performing your inspection. One of the oldest and most well-known organizations is the American Society of Home Inspectors. Many experienced home inspectors carry the ASHI certification which also holds its members to a code of ethics. Just remember to double-check any credentials by calling or visiting the website of that particular professional organization.

When a home inspection is bad, it’s sometimes simply due to excessive repairs. While this fact may do nothing to quell your frustration and anger, do keep in mind that the purpose of a home inspection is to identify structural and safety issues as well as arisky number of required repairs. Sometimes a bad inspection is inevitable and necessary.

As a homebuyer, you can lessen your chances of accidentally purchasing a home that needs massive repair. This is best accomplished through honest communication with your realtor before even starting your home search. During this time, it’s essential to share your expectations about the condition of the home you’re seeking as well as your tolerance for repairs.

When a bad home inspection report ends up in your hands, you know what to do! For any questions or to set up a home inspection, please call (813) 839-8416 or send us a message through our contact page.