A home inspection is a great time for you to learn all about your potential new home in Tampa: it’s quirks, repairs, strong points, and everything in between. You may want to avoid a Tampa home inspection for fear that your dream home might fail and fall through your fingers. The good news that all of our non-seasoned buyers may not know is that a home cannot fail an inspection. A Tampa home inspection is designed to outline the needed repairs of the home and those things that are in good working order, so there is no pass/fail grading.

Since you can now let out a sigh of relief knowing your home cannot actually fail the Tampa home inspection, it is time to address what can happen. The homes that, were a pass/fail system used, would get a fail, are going to have a very extensive inspection report full of things that need to be addressed prior to closing. Some of these issues might include a structurally unsound roof or an aged HVAC system. At this point, you would bring these concerns to your seller to ask for contingencies or for them to fix them prior to closing. Keep in mind your seller is not contractually obligated to fix anything you request, so depending on the severity and your financial situation you may have to walk away.

If the home has a great deal of issues, what some would consider a “failing inspection,” then you have a difficult decision to make. Owning your own home means constant maintenance and if multiple things in the home fail at once this can become costly. Consult with your inspector on the age of major appliances, the roof, and any other areas of the home to give you a clear picture of what your new home will need and when. This is why inspectors always recommend buyers be present at the inspection, to avoid any surprises after you move in.

If you ever hear that a home failed a home inspection, you can rest assured that this was not the case. Just because a home cannot fail, however, does not mean your home does not come with its fair share of needs and repairs. Hire a trusted property inspector from our team at Radiant Property Inspections to get the job done.