Many people may tell you there is little benefit in a Tampa home inspection before placing your offer, since your offer may or may not be accepted. However, there are benefits to doing a Tampa home inspection before placing an offer on your dream home. Knowing major issues about a home before spending significant amounts of money can help you make the best decision about where to move. Here are a few benefits to getting a home inspection done prior to making an offer.

You might be able to lower your offer
Perhaps you decide to perform a home inspection in Tampa and it reveals the home needs a new roof or a new air conditioning unit. These types of major issues can have an impact on the offer you put in on the house. If your new home needs thousands of dollars in damage as revealed by a home inspection before placing an offer, the seller could lower the asking price or agree to have these things replaced before closing.

Get your Questions Answered
This is especially helpful for first time homebuyers that find themselves slightly overwhelmed. Making a list of questions and areas you’d like checked for a home inspection before offering can make you more comfortable. Want to know what the electrical work is like or how old all the appliances are? A home inspection can answer these questions and more. This can help you know what upcoming financial costs to expect if you decide to purchase the home.

It Provides Peace of Mind
There truly is nothing better than moving into a new home knowing it is safe and up to standards. With a proper home inspection, you and your family can move in with the peace of mind that can only come from knowing your house was thoroughly checked from top to bottom. Knowing you paid the right price for your home and understand what you are getting can make all the difference.

While you can certainly put in your offer and work with the seller to set up an inspection after the fact, a home inspection before offering can often save you a lot of trouble and worry. Call us today to schedule your home inspection so we can help get you into the home of your dreams!