Each and every Tampa home inspection is going to turn up different information. Some homes may have fewer repair needs while others may have an extensive report with a laundry list of things that were caught by the Tampa home inspector. Depending on the age of your home, your inspection may reveal things you didn’t know would be problematic. In the bathroom, there are a few things that are commonly found by home inspectors.

Poor Drainage
This one is perhaps the most minor of the problems a Tampa home inspection may turn up regarding your bathroom. If there is any type of blockage in the pipes, whether it be from debris, hair, or dirt, this can cause your pipes to drain slower than normal. Depending on the severity, you may need to call out a plumber, but for those minor problems you can usually find a fix at the hardware store. This is a very common problem found in a home inspection as most drains become clogged at some point.

Improper Ventilation
If you’re buying an older home, you may have improper ventilation, or even no ventilation at all. If your inspection notes this, you will want to install or repair the venting system as soon as possible. Without a bathroom vent system, moisture is not being pulled from the room during showers. This can cause things like rusting on the hardware of the bathroom as the steam condenses on the bathroom surfaces.

A leak is something no home buyer wants to hear, but many bathroom inspections will find this. An inspector is going to check that the toilet seal is in-tact and not leaking, that all sink faucets are in working order, and that the tub is properly grouted and draining correctly. If the tub seal is cracked or the floor shows signs of warping, this could be from underlying water damage due to untreated leaks.

A home inspection is designed to make you aware of the issues surrounding a house. It is going to point out the problems both big and small, and we believe that knowing the common problems can help you keep your inspection report in perspective. If you need an inspection, call our team at Radiant Property Inspection today.